Nano Influencers, Mega Results!

We do not believe in paying Influencers that do not deliver any results. Our pay-for-perfomance approach ensures transparency and value for money.


Pay Influencers for every impression their content produces.

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Pay Influencers for every Like, comment or share their content gets.


Pay Influencers whenever their content generates a lead or transaction.

Influencer Discovery

We help you discover the right Influencers to promote your brand and increase your revenue as desired.

Advanced Influencer Filters : Quickly find Influencers that meet your requirements when you use our Advanced filters.

Influencer Recommendations : Let our artificial intelligence algorithm recommend the best Influencers for your brand.

Influencer Management

Manage the end-to-end relationship with your Influencers and get oversight on every aspect of your campaign.


Influencer Approval


Content Approval


Campaign Analytics


Internal Messaging


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More Features

Buzzbite has everything You need to execute a effective Influencer campaign without the stress of managing many people.

Smart Matching

We use Artificial intelligence to recommend the best Influencers.

Payments Distribution

No need for negotiations or payment settlements. We handle that.

Fraud Detection

Don't get scammed by Influencers who buy followers.

Contract Management

We take care of all the boring legal work & agreements.

Client Testimonials

What people say about us


"We've found that influencer marketing provides the highest conversion rates. BuzzBite enables us find the right influencers and manage our campaigns in a seamless way."

Mo’ Ekujumi

Director, SkillHat

"The BuzzBite team is simply amazing! They understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and went the extra mile to make sure the campaign was a success."

Stanley Iheacho

Marketing Manager, HealthConnect247

"I am absolutely in love with this platform. You guys have made my work so easy and fun. I love all the content that the Influencers create and we have experienced a significant increase in our funnel conversion!"

Julia Miller

GTM Lead, GIVO Solutions


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