Influencer marketing is growing beyond just an alternative marketing strategy to one of the major advertising vehicles for business. As digital agencies adapt to this change in digital marketing, one of the essential questions that agencies should ask themselves concerning influencer marketing campaigns is, “should we do this ourselves, or do we need to outsource?” Another critical question is, “can our team execute these campaigns quickly, successfully, and in line with our standards, or is it better to work with a partner with more experience, stronger influencer relationships and up-to-date with the best practices?”

This article explains why agencies should consider outsourcing their influencer marketing campaigns.

Why agencies should not run Influencer marketing campaigns themselves

1.) Inadequate tools

The lack of tools to locate the right influencers, manage their content for approval, and monitor the campaign performance might be an issue when agencies decide to run marketing campaigns alone. You can access consistent reporting by outsourcing your campaigns to experienced influencer marketing professionals. They know all it takes for a successful campaign and have all the needed tools. They will monitor your posts and share each report with you, and you don’t have to keep hitting the refresh button to see how many likes or comments you have or how well your brand is being received. Crucially, they provide insights into how effectively a campaign achieves your business goals and suggest changes where necessary.

2.) Risk of Legal Dispute

Being a shield for agencies and brands, these partners handle all contractual negotiations, legal issues, rates, and licensing. With their expertise and long-standing relationships, they can seamlessly handle all legal contracts concerning the brand’s overall vision and objectives.

This might actually seem like an easy task any agency should be able to handle on their own, but in the real sense, it is a whole job in itself. An example of a legal dispute that could ensue when an agency does not perform due diligence before taking action is the case of the comedian, Sabinus and peak milk. Sabinus sued peak milk for an amount of one billion naira for using his trademark ‘something hooge’ without authorisation.

3.) Unreliability of Influencers

Unlike agencies that might need to start building relationships with influencers to get things done rapidly, these partners have existing relationships with the influencers. These professionals have lists of people, contact information, personal notes and statistics to match your brand with the right influencers. Also, the best influencers know who the best marketing partners are and have most probably worked with them before.

Why agencies should outsource their influencer marketing campaigns

1.) Complete Service Capabilities

Influencer marketing professionals offer agencies full-service capabilities such as influencer curation, in-depth reporting, campaign strategy, execution, and optimisation. One of the top benefits of outsourcing your campaigns is partnering with a specialised team. From ideation to implementation, they’ve got you covered.

2.) Access to marketing experts

Working with industry experts makes it easy for agencies to provide brands with current insights and trends. Agencies working alone might find it challenging to stay updated with the continuously changing tides in influencer marketing. This is made worse because they could also have other pressing marketing efforts that need equal or more attention. Industry experts offer current trends and consider campaign strategies with recent insights and trends in mind.

3.) Prospects for scalability

Influencer marketing professionals offer agencies investment scalability by scaling campaigns to achieve brand objectives with the aim of exceeding them. They are unique in adjusting approaches based on a brand’s objective and/or budget because they use data-driven insights and scale a campaign based on key industry trends and performance.

4.) In-depth reporting beyond surface-level metrics

Influencer marketing experts offer agency partners in-depth reporting that goes beyond the mere vanity metrics. With a structured team of data experts, they can pull real-time campaign analysis with conversion tracking, data-driven insights, and detailed reporting with ROI analysis.


Working with experienced influencer marketing partners is crucial in an agency’s idea creation, strategy, and execution processes. After campaign executions, they help by generating a detailed report of the results where they analyse all the marketing actions and extract conclusions. Alongside pointing out any errors committed during the campaign, they also identify possible business opportunities to create future influencer marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, partnering with influencer marketing experts is excellent for digital agencies that are either just starting or looking to get better with influencer marketing strategies, thanks to their savoir-faire.

They consider a brand’s or agency’s needs and objectives and help through the whole process, from the campaign’s preliminary design to the analyses of the results.