Social media influencers are quick to create trends and hop on them when the bandwagon comes around, but how quickly can they leap into the future? Investors are already splashing millions for a piece of virtual land in the Metaverse, and with so much opportunity arising, it’s a great idea to start spending time and energy into discovering what’s to come. 

It is evident that Web3 is changing the game within the social media realm. Web3 consists of the Metaverse, NFTs, reimagined brands as well as influencers and augmented reality that combines aspects of both the digital and physical worlds.

Influencer communications will evolve along with how we see social media in the current day and age. Brands like Coca-Cola have proven to be extremely adaptable to Web3 by creating NFTs, and more brands will follow suit soon. To make things simple, below are 3 different ways influencers can prepare for Web3 and make a seamless transition into the new wave of communication and technology.

The Metaverse

When influencers curate their social media presence, more often than not they fall in between the cracks of ‘Is this truly who I am’ and the constant pressure to look perfect. In the Metaverse, it’s truly down to the individual how they choose to market themselves. The Metaverse will not look like real life, therefore it’s likely that influencers won’t feel the pressure to look a certain way since they will look like avatars and not like real people.


By looking like avatars, brands will eventually emerge and capitalise off of it, therefore it’s best to start researching now how to connect with brands before the big switch over happens.

NFT collections

Social media influencers are used to editing and uploading images to social media platforms, ready to be viewed by millions of people with a simple scroll. They are essentially mini creative agencies that formulate their own presence, have brands work with them and consistently build their following with every post or story that they make. 

Influencers can use the same creative energy to produce interesting and thought-provoking imagery to create NFT collections. Not only are they generating extra income, but they’re also getting involved in the Web3 movement and by default, a wealth of knowledge comes with simply getting involved.

Exclusive events

Exclusive events as we know of them today are often hard to get into unless you have the right connections. 

In the Metaverse, everything should be out in the open and accessible to everyone at least for the first few months. Different social circles haven’t yet been established and people generally have an open mind when trying out new things. This would be the perfect time to make those connections and attend events where investors and big brand CEOs will be present.

In order to make it in Web3, it’s important to be an adaptable influencer, to think like a business, and to invest time in trend forecasting. That way, the future can be embraced fearlessly.