What we do

Engage hundreds of Nano & Micro Influencers

BuzzBite aggregates hundreds of nano & micro influencers to harness the power of their high engagement rates and niche audiences. Lots of moving parts involved, but we make it easy!

Get more customers

Generate more traffic to your website that has already been warmed up for you.

Build Brand trust

Turn your users into brand ambassadors and build a genuine online community

Generate More Revenue

Enjoy a higher conversion rate in your marketing funnel.

How it Works

Create your Campaign Brief

Set your campaign objectives and define the target audience. We will help you craft a winning strategy.

Approve Influencers & Content

Get matched with hundreds of Influencers and start receiving their content for review and approval.

Connect with your Audience!

Get real time data on how each Influencer post performs and potential customer feedback.

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Smart Matching

Our algorithm recommends Influencers to you that align with your brand

Campaign Analytics

Get realtime analytics on how your campaign is performing in a beautiful dashboard

Payments Distribution

No need for negotiations or payment settlements. We handle that

Fraud Detection

Our platform detects fraudulent activity on Influencers accounts such as bots & fake followers

Product Features

Everything you need for effective campaigns

Pay for results only

You only get billed when Influencers get you the results you set, wether it is an impression target or engagement target

Work with your Team

Get your marketing team on board so that you can collectively review created content and reports


Hear what clients say about us

"We've found that influencer marketing provides the highest conversion rates. BuzzBite enables us find the right influencers and manage our campaigns in a seamless way."

Mo’ Ekujumi

Director, SkillHat

"The BuzzBite team is simply amazing! They understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and went the extra mile to make sure the campaign was a success."

Stanley Iheacho

Marketing Manager, HealthConnect247

"I am absolutely in love with this platform. You guys have made my work so easy and fun. I love all the content that the Influencers create and we have experienced a significant increase in our funnel conversion!"

Julia Miller

GTM Lead, GIVO Solutions


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